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Sally and Richard Daley

Sally in college Richard in college
Sally in college Richard in college

Photos taken shortly before they were married.

During the late Renaissance period, Richard and Sally met when they were college students. He was the all-knowing teaching assistant for General Chemistry and she the beautiful blonde General Chemistry student. It seemed like a wonderful combination--at least he thought so.

He asked her for a date--fearing a "no" and got it. She later regretted declining his invitation, but he didn't ask again. A mutual friend hinted to Richard that Sally would like the chance to say "yes." He eventually took the hint and the rest, as they say, is history.

They dated, courted, married, parented two beautiful daughters who gave them three beautiful granddaughters and a grandson.

Richard, the chemist, believed that organic chemistry could be made much easier for organic chemistry students. He tried to get Sally, the author, to agree to work together to produce a new textbook. After a lot of persuasion, Sally agreed to embark on the journey that led to the production of this Organic Chemistry textbook. As Sally once said, "I can explain anything he (Richard) understands." And Richard believes he understands organic chemistry well enough to teach and write about it.

So together they wrote the Organic Chemistry textbook and landed a contract with a major publisher. The book was reviewed and got many very positive endorsements from the reviewers. Unlike many stories, this one doesn't have a happy ending in sight--yet.

This is because, just as the finished manuscript was due at the publishers, it was dropped without warning or explanation. After a brief search for another publisher, they decided to launch this website to spread the news that organic chemistry is indeed easier to learn from their book than with the competing books on the market. Help them to prove their belief--and bring about a happy ending to their story.