Daley's Photography

Richard and Sally enjoy doing photography together. He usually operates the camera and she generally runs around telling him what to photograph. He takes the picture she wants if he is inspired to do so. Otherwise he enjoys her enthusiasm and takes whatever picture he wants. Periodically, this page will show another result of that cooperation. Please tell us what you think of the picture using the Contact Us link in the Site Info menu above. And come back again!

During Spring break 2005, Richard and Sally took a trip to the red rock region of Utah/Arizona/Nevada. Late one afternoon, they were visiting the Valley of Fire in Nevada when a sudden thunderstorm broke over them. It was nearly sunset when the storm cleared. Richard looked to the east and saw the brightest rainbow he'd ever seen. As he was taking the picture, Sally was running around the parking lot looking at different picture angles and urging Richard over and over, "Take the picture from here." While taking pictures, he stopped to look around the parking lot. There were many more people watching her than were looking at the rainbow.

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