Textbook Conversions

Most organic textbooks use a functional group arrangement, but Daley & Daley uses a mechanistic organization. This means that the outline of Daley & Daley is much different than any other Organic Chemistry text in print. This page will compare the location, by chapter of various topics in Daley & Daley with other widely used Organic Chemistry textbooks. We want to ease your transition from another book to Daley & Daley. Please notice that with Daley & Daley, unlike most of the other textbooks, nearly all of the topics are complete in one chapter. We believe that makes it much easier to read and learn.

Please select one comparison from the list shown below.

Bruice, 4e

Carey, 4e

Jones, 3e

McMurray, 6e

Smith, 1e

Solomons, Fryhle, 8e

Wade, 5e

Feel free to send us similar comparisons of textbooks that are not in this list. Also, let us know if there are major errors in the comparison of any textbook.