Your Feedback

Here are a few items of feedback that we have received about our Organic Chemistry textbook. Thank you for all of your kind comments. Keep them coming!

"Thank you so much for having such a straightforward and comprehensive organic chemistry resource available for every struggling o-chem student out there. Your textbook blows my $100 book out of the water."
** Senior Biology Major from Maine **

"Chapter 5 is by far the best treatment of acids and bases I've ever read!"
** College Professor from Washington **

"I wish all of my science textbooks were as easy to read as this one."
** Junior Chemistry Major from Missouri **

[color=#000099]"It is about time that someone wrote an accessible book with a rational mechanistic sequence. I love it!"
** University Professor from California **

"This book is so well organized that I found it easy to use to review for my MCAT exam. I didn't even open my $200. OChem book. My scores for the organic chemistry section was the highest of the entire test."
** Senior Premed Student from New Mexico **

"This is a really nice book. I am looking forward to sitting down and looking at it and trying parts of it with my classes."
** College Professor from Florida **

"I can't believe it! I have spent more than $1000. on ochem books and have been struggling to understand ochem. NOW I find your free book. The ones I bought are a bunch of *bleep* compared to yours. Anybody want to buy some cheap ochem books? I have books by Wade, Bruice, Solomons, McMurray, Morrison & Boyd, and Smith. You two are nuts. Stop giving the book away. You need to at least ask for donation. It's too good to be a freeby."
** Organic Chemistry Student from New York **

"I'm very impressed with the material and more impressed by your selflessness that in this day and age is unbelievable."
** Sophmore Premed student from Minnesota **

"I wish I had found this before my first mid-term exam. You make it so easy to understand org. chemisty, and this material is by far better than my $215.00 text book."
** Organic Chemistry Student from California **

"You guys are really neat. Although I am not in love with Organic, the text you created certainly has helped ease my Organic pains."
** Organic Chemistry Student from Texas **