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When you click on the play button on the video layer you will begin playing one of our video technique segments. This example is using a refractometer to measure a refractive index.

There are a total of 12 additional videos when you subscribe to this web site. These techniques include:

1. Boiling Point Determination.

This video demonstrates how to do a boiling point and also shows what you would see when it is correctly done.

2. Melting Point Determination
This video shows how to do a microscale melting point and what you would see when correctly done.

3. Refractive Index
Measurement of a refractive index.

4. Refluxing a Reaction
Refluxing a reaction in microscale laboratory. Easily adaptable to any laboratory scale refluxing.

5. Microscale Distillation
Using a Hickman head for microscale distillation.

6. Thin Layer Chromatography
Thin layer chromatography (TLC) with UV visualization.

7. Using a Rotatary Evaporator
Techniques for using a rotary evaporator for solvent removal.

8. Large Scale Crystallization
This video shows how to do a small scale recrystallization using an Erlenmeyer flask. It can be adapted for doing crystallization on a larger scale as well.

9. Using a Craig Tube
This video shows how to use a Craig tube for microscale recrystallization.

10. Gravity Filtration
How to do a gravity filtration.

11. Vacuum Filtration
How to use a Hirsch funnel for a microscale vacuum filtration. Adaptable for use with a Buchner funnel and a larger scale.

12. Using a Separatory Funnel
Techniques for liquid-liquid extratction using a separatory funnel. Works for any scale of extraction.

13. Microscale Extratction
Techniques for performing a liquid-liquid extraction on a microscale.